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IONA – Where Heaven Reveals Its Violence

‘IONA – Where Heaven Reveals Its Violence’ is the first booklet in a series dedicated to the Celtic Isles of Scotland. For those who love the Celtic Saints but cannot afford to visit the islands, this new series will provide … Continued

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On Prayer

‘On Prayer – booklet one’ is the first booklet published by the Monastery of All Celtic Saints. It is part of a series of booklets on prayer which will be published the Monastery over the coming months. This first booklet … Continued

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Remembrance of Death

This booklet is the first in a Series of texts on Spiritual Topics written by Fr Iakovos on the Holy Mountain and published by our Monastery. This collaboration is a blessing for everyone – we all have so much to … Continued

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St. Patrick’s Breastplace
St. Patrick's Breastplace - short description
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The Voice in Confession

‘You may ask, ‘What is the purpose of these exercises? Do they bring any gain to one’s spiritual life?’ All I can say is that the relationship between a spiritual child and a spiritual father, like any other relationship, has … Continued

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