Our original commissions are unique, never repeated and made using local photographs of the actual geography of the Isles. Most of our colours are sourced from the Book of Kells (made on the Isle of Iona during the Celtic millennium) and we try to combine Byzantine and Egyptian iconography, as a recognition of the historical, cultural and spiritual connections between the Desert Fathers and the Celtic Saints.

This iconographic project is an opportunity to commission stunning icons of the Celtic Saints, with a special interest in either:
– Saints who are less known and popular, for many of whom there are no previous icons available; (e.g., St Morwenna)
– Particular aspects of a Saint’s life, such as a certain event or concept that is linked to the life of that Saint and which is especially relevant to you. (e.g., St Fillan praying over people suffering with mental illness)

We aim to create icons of the highest quality, exclusively hand-painted on natural wood boards.

This project is dedicated to enriching the existing Celtic Saints iconography, not merely copying previous compositions. As such, we are especially interested in unique, personal icons that tell a story – the story of your relationship with that Saint.

Because of their unique and personal character, these icons are the ideal gift for major events such as baptisms, weddings, family anniversaries, or name-days.

The prices shown do not include shipping costs. Please contact us to discuss these (they vary depending on size, destination and delivery options). As an example, most icons we ship to the US cost between 20 and 26 pounds.

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