We created these products to help the Monastery manage the expenses of caring for our two places of worship on the Isle of Mull – the Church of Sts Ninian and Cuthbert (Kilninian, which is used daily by our brothers) and our Chapel of Sts Sisoes and Brendan (in Bunessan, which is used daily by our sisters).

This is a beautiful and very practical way to include you into our services and prayers, regardless where you live. These buildings require a lot of monthly expenses for their maintenance because of their old age and the extremely wet and challenging climate of the Scottish Isles. This is especially true concerning Kilninian, our 1755 national heritage church, the foundations of which date back to the late sixth century.

Apart from the larger expenses generated by the buildings, we have also created smaller products that allow you to contribute to our daily services. These give you the opportunity to offer the Monastery candles, incense, flowers for the icons of the Mother of God, wine for the Divine Liturgy etc.

When you send us any of these offerings, please include your name in the Notes section, so we may thank you by offering our prayer in return. May we all be blessed.