These virtual products we created to support the Chapel of St Sisoes and St Brendan, at Oran-na-Mara, which is used by our sisters and our pilgrims.

May St Sisoes (and all the Saints of the Egyptian desert) and St Brendan (and all the Saints of the Celtic Isles) bless us all.


There are as many traditions about how one uses candles as there are local churches. In the monasteries in Moldavia, fro instance, many people offer a candle for each person for whom they pray. Very often, outside the church, there … Continued

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Icon Flowers

We do try to have flowers all the time, at least before the main icons of the Mother of God, but it is quite difficult, especially in the winter. In the summer, we use our own flowers from the garden … Continued

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Liturgical Bread and Wine

This is a very direct way to be part of the Divine Liturgies we celebrate at the Monastery. If you have ever travelled to one of the Orthodox countries, I am sure you have seen people waiting in line to … Continued

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