The brotherhood lives at Lunga Cottage, by Kilninian. This is a much smaller house, about two hours driving away from Oran na Mara, where the sisterhood lives.

All the expenses below relate to Lunga Cottage and the brothers. They – and me, personally – thank you for helping us continue our monastic life here, at this holy site which dates back to the sixth century.

May St Ninian, St Cuthbert and all the Saints of the Isles bless you for your love.

Annual Insurance

This is the cost of annual insurance for Lunga Cottage, the three-bedroom house in which our brothers live. This is the house at Kilninian, our 1755 Church of St Ninian and St Cuthbert.┬áBecause the Monastery is legally run as a … Continued

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Council tax

This is the annual tax tax the Monastery pays for Lunga Cottage (the house used by the brothers) to the Local Council in Oban (we are in the Argyll and Bute County, which includes the Hebrides). This is not an … Continued

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Heating and Electricity

This is the monthly cost of electricity – which includes heating, dehumidifier, lights, cooking appliances, workshop tools etc – for Lunga Cottage. For heating we also need oil (a form of household kerosene), which is included in the monthly cost. … Continued

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Weekly food

We estimate that we use about 50 pounds per person per week, so the brotherhood will spend approximately 150 pounds per week together. This includes our two brothers and fr seraphim. This also covers the cost of travelling to Oban … Continued

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