The sisters live at Oran-na-Mara, our house in Bunessan, fifteen minutes away from St Columba’s Isle of Iona.

Oran-na-Mara (Song of the Sea’ in Gaelic) is also where we accommodate our pilgrims, both during the summer pilgrimages and for shorter visits during the year.

The small Chapel of St Sisoes and St Brendan is just behind the house.

Annual Insurance

This is the cost of annual insurance for Oran na Mara, the five-bedroom house in which our sisters live. This is the house in Bunessan, which we also use for our Summer Pilgrimages and to welcome you during the year. This … Continued

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Council tax

This is the annual tax tax the Monastery pays for Oran na Mara to the Local Council in Oban (we are in the Argyll and Bute County, which includes the Hebrides). This is the larger house, where the sisters live … Continued

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Heating and Electricity

This is the monthly cost of electricity – which includes heating, chapel dehumidifier, lights, cooking appliances, tools etc – for Oran na Mara, where our sisters live. For heating we also need oil (a form of household kerosene), which is … Continued

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Weekly food

We estimate that we use about 50 pounds per person per week, so our three sisters will spend approximately 150 pounds per week together. Because this is also our pilgrimage house, where we welcome you during the year, we have … Continued

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