There are as many traditions about how one uses candles as there are local churches.

In the monasteries in Moldavia, fro instance, many people offer a candle for each person for whom they pray. Very often, outside the church, there are two places where people light candles for the ‘Living’ and ‘Departed’ they carry in their hearts.

Another tradition is to offer a number of candles (7 0r 40) for one particular person who goes through a difficult moment. For example, one can do this for the 40 days after someone’s departure, or as a way to prepare for an important event (such as an operation).

Candles can also be offered as a sign of gratitude, after a Baptism or a Wedding, or simply because you want to contribute to our services and be part of our daily prayer.

Whatever your reason, do include the names for whom you want us to pray in the Notes section.

May Christ’s Light be a candle for us all – in this life and in the Life Eternal.