Kilninian Annual Insurance



Kilninian is our heart. This ancient church stands on foundations that go back to the sixth century, like a physical root that feeds us today fro the spiritual life of those holy monastics. Kilninian started everything for me, personally, and for the Monastery itself – it is because of Kilninian that we started our work here, and we are all gathered spiritually around its ancient foundations.

Because the church is a historical building, listed as a national heritage monument, it also comes with very high responsibilities – we need to repair it, constantly work to maintain it, all works need to be done according to very specific criteria, the building needs annual insurance, constant dehumidifying and permanent heating.

This church is our heart and all we do is fed by its direct ancient with the spirituality of the Celtic Saints.

Some of these virtual products were created to help us cover these recurrent expenses – insurance, heating, dehumidifier etc. I shall personally pray for you, and the community will join me in that prayer, for all the time you are working alongside all of us – a full year for covering the annual insurance, a full month for covering a monthly electricity bill and so on.

Our lives here are made of years, and our years are made of months – let us travel through this life together, let us support each other. Each one of us, according to our means – Christ knows our hearts and He knows what is within and outside our ability to help. May He save us all for the prayers of His Saints of the Isles.