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Remembrance of Death




This booklet is the first in a Series of texts on Spiritual Topics written by Fr Iakovos on the Holy Mountain and published by our Monastery. This collaboration is a blessing for everyone – we all have so much to learn from the experience of these monastics, and they need our support to continue their life of prayer in the silence and seclusion of the Mountain.

By purchasing this booklet, you are supporting both our Monastery in the Hebrides and Fr Iakovos’ kelli on Athos.

The booklet is illustrated with personal photographs taken during my time on Athos and other images of the Holy Mountain.

The text belongs to Fr Iakovos of Kerasia, who has generously granted the Monastery the copyright to use it.

The cost includes taxes, handling and all postal services for shipping world-wide.

Size: 210 mm × 210 mm (8.27 in × 8.27 in)
Format: Large Square
Pages: 36
Design: Original artwork; Colour throughout