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Thank you so much for your support. Your offering allows the foundation of this Chapel. May you be blessed for it and may St Brendan keep you under the protection of his prayers.

Our Founding Bricks are virtual products. They work as donations from your home to our Monastery to build the Chapel of St Sisoes the Great and St Brendan the Navigator.

Although you are offering us virtual bricks, we shall turn them into real building materials, which we shall use to build our Chapel. Pay attention! These are very special brickes and they come with great and amazing powers – the power to travel from your home to our small island; the power to support a remote Monastery you may never visit, but where prayers will be offered on your behalf and on behalf of the world; most importantly, the amazing power to express Love by building a nest of prayer to the world.

I know you are far away from our island. This is a way for you to help our Monastery and become the founders of this Chapel. When you purchase one or several Founding Bricks, you will not receive actual bricks. Instead, you will be added unto our prayer-list and will become one of the founders of this small chapel.

The Chapel of St Sisoes the Great and St Brendan the Navigator is a small Orthodox temple at the Nuns’ House. Our Metropolitan has blessed us to dedicate it to an early Egyptian Saint and a Celtic Saint, to celebrate the historical and spiritual connection between the Christian heritage of the Desert Fathers and Celtic Christianity. St Sisoes the Great is one of the most loved early Desert hermits, while St Brendan the Navigator founded the very first Monastery in the Scottish Isles.

Note to our US Friends: If you would like to support us by offering a more substantial donation (fro which we would be very grateful at this moment!), please do so by sending a cheque to our US organisation (American Friends of the Celtic Saints) at the address below. Thsi way, we can offer you a tax-receipt for your donation. For whatever you can send, may God bless you a hundred-fold.


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