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St. Patrick’s Breastplate


St. Patrick’s Breastplace – short description



‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate’ is the first booklet in a new series dedicated to the Celtic Saints and their spirituality.

The booklet is built around St Patrick’s prayer – a full version of which is included – and an essay written by Kh Frederica Matthews-Green and generously donated to the Monastery.

There are no words to describe the otherworldly strangeness and strength of St Patrick’s prayer – he prays as if re-creating the world around him. He names things as if calling them into being. Something of the creative power in Adam’s ‘naming’ of things finds its way in the prayer of this fifth-century ascetic.

St Patrick is one of those phenomenal saints whom the world has reduced to almost a caricature of themselves. He is celebrated through huge secular festivals, but the world cares very little (if at all) about his deep faith and spirituality, about his monastic struggles and asceticism.

The aim of this booklet – and the future ones in this series – is to remind us of the authentic holiness of the saints behind these modern caricatures.

The original artwork was created by the Romanian painter Andrew Gamart specifically to illustrate this booklet. The copyright to use the images was generously donated to the Monastery by the artist, whose other works can be seen and purchased here:

The cost includes taxes, handling and postal services for shipping world-wide.

Size: 210 mm × 210 mm (8.27 in × 8.27 in)
Format: Large Square
Pages: 36
Design: Original artwork; Colour throughout