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Product Description

We are using these virtual ‘bricks’ to keep you updated about the Monastery and to ask for your support for our current projects.

Our current project is to build a small temporary iconostasis at Kilninian, our 1755 church, built on foundations going back to the sixth century. As we move to Kilninian from our current location in Bunessan (Oran na Mara is now our Pilgrimage House), we need to be able to celebrate there.

At the moment, our priorities are rather basic (survive and keep building), so we cannot afford the large beautiful iconostasis we shall eventually have (by the grace of God). All we need for the next four – five years is a simple (still beautiful, though) screen – it will help us during our services and it will also be a starting point of conversation with our non-Orthodox guests.

Please consider buying a ‘Founding Brick’ to help us achieve this.

Our Founding Bricks are virtual products. They work as donations from your home to our Monastery.

Although you are offering us virtual bricks, we shall turn them into real building materials, real labour and everything else we need to keep working for the Monastery. Pay attention! These are very special brickes and they come with great and amazing powers – the power to travel from your home to our small island; the power to support a remote Monastery you may never visit, but where prayers will be offered on your behalf and on behalf of the world; most importantly, the amazing power to express Love by building a nest of prayer to the world.

Note to our US Friends: If you would like to support us by offering a more substantial donation (for which we would be very grateful), please do so by sending a cheque to our US organisation (American Friends of the Celtic Saints) at the address below – ALL funds received by them are directed towards the founding and support of the Monastery. By sending a cheque, we can offer you a tax-receipt for your donation and we can send you updates about the Monastery. For whatever you can send, may God bless you a hundred-fold.

American Friends of the Celtic Saints

3736 W County Rd 4

Berthoud, CO 80513



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