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The Voice in Confession




‘You may ask, ‘What is the purpose of these exercises? Do they bring any gain to one’s spiritual life?’ All I can say is that the relationship between a spiritual child and a spiritual father, like any other relationship, has immense potential to develop and grow. There is as much space for growth as you allow.

You may very well settle into a ritual of confession that happens more or less the same way every single time, and that may be enough for your salvation. But you may just as well want more, you may need to understand more about yourself, in which case you need to turn your confession into a more efficient tool for knowledge: knowledge about yourself, knowledge about the world and knowledge about God.’

The booklet is illustrated with drawings and paintings of contemporary Elders. The original artwork was created by Dr Mihaela Schiopu specifically to illustrate this booklet. The copyright to use the images was generously donated to the Monastery by the artist.

The cost includes taxes, handling and postal services for shipping world-wide.

Size: 210 mm × 210 mm (8.27 in × 8.27 in)
Format: Large Square
Pages: 36
Design: Original artwork; Colour throughout